About us


Female entrepreneur and designer Tuba YILMAZ founded Pandora Lighting Industry and Trade Limited Company in 2015. She made her mark by creating any project or touching any place.

What makes Pandora different has always been to understand what the customer wants and implement it in a short time.

In addition, we provide architectural consultancy services to our clients who visit our showroom, and we strive to offer assistance on a variety of topics like employing the correct product in the right place.

Our company, which specializes in cutting-edge and distinctive designs, is well-known in the industry and in Turkey as an innovative company.

When choosing our colleagues, we generally attach importance to young, dynamic and industry experience.Our company is not offering only  lighting service, but also  an architectural firm with furniture, accessories, architectural consultancy, and turnkey projects.

In order to give our consumers high-quality items, we always employ first-rate materials in our production.

Pandora has signed variety projects all over Turkey and other countries across the world.Our business, which focuses heavily on import and export, has also taken steps towards branding abroad.Pandora is a QUALİTY.Even if the 2-year warranty period for our products is over, we still continue to provide assistance for our clients.We have completed and are still doing projects in numerous places, including villas, cafes, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, schools, palaces, and embassies. You can access some of our projects by clicking the link below to take a look at them.